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Proyecto Nearshore

Migration of the laboratory report generation platform

Desarrolladora Java trabajando en un microservicio usando Java y Spring Framework





  • Manufacturing
  • Founded in 1986, in Germany
  • About 1900 employees in more than 25 branch offices in Europe


Why Alter Solutions as a Nearshore partner?
  • Alter Solutions is the ideal partner due to our successful track record in delivering IT solutions in a Nearshore model, which is the result of the synergy between the technical knowledge and soft skills of our engineers. This is enabled by the competitive offers of our Nearshore locations - in this case, Portugal.


Agrolab GmbH’s laboratory report generation platform was implemented using Oracle Forms technology, making it difficult to improve and introduce new functionalities.

In order to obtain a more capable platform and facilitate its maintenance, it was proposed to migrate the solution to a Java and Oracle-based microservices architecture.

Thus, the objectives of this project were:

  • Improve maintenance and development of new functionalities.
  • Enable integration with usage and performance measurement tools.
  • Make report customisation more granular.


Development of a microservice using Java and Spring Framework to retrieve, transform, and generate electronic reports.

This microservice integrates with existing ones without compromising the current graphical interface and its mode of operation, thus completing the chain of services that allows the generation of a report for end customers, from data collection to the completion of the process.


Scrum methodology with the use of Sprints to define the functionalities to be delivered at each stage.

Through a well-defined cycle of requirements definition, software development, and testing (both automated and manual), it was possible to develop the various features of the product in accordance with existing requirements and new requirements, as a way to improve the product in its new version.


  • Java 17
  • Spring Framework
  • Oracle
  • Dynamic Reports
  • Docker
  • Portainer

Time and resources

The team created by Alter Solutions Portugal for this purpose included 3 developers specialised in Java technology with the following skills:

  • Knowledge of microservices architecture and its implementation;
  • Knowledge of web environments and REST API development;
  • Precision and adherence to well-known programming standards promoted by the client.