Caso Práctico

New visual identity for SIC Notícias’ website and app

Responsable técnico de la documentación sobre las nuevas funcionalidades del sitio web





  • Media & Telecommunications
  • One of the main news media outlets (TV and online) in Portugal
  • Founded in 1972
  • Owner of TV channels like SIC and SIC Notícias, newspapers like Expresso, and magazines like Visão


  • Create a new look and develop new functionalities for SIC Notícias website and app, as a way to improve the end user’s experience.


  • Creation and maintenance of ReactJS components that make up the website.
  • Implementation of new website functionalities like the display of vertical videos, news tags, the use of timelines so that users can rewatch and listen to media content from exactly where they left off, etc.
  • App improvement, as a reflection of the website, using WebView.
  • Development of new screens and app functionalities.
  • Creation of endpoints for consultation and access by a third-party company, Magycal, providing the necessary data.
  • Instant implementation of customised endpoints for a third-party company, Magycal, meeting its needs.
  • Documentation and availability of two endpoints used by the third-party company within Confluence.




  • Java
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript
  • React JS
  • React Native
  • Template Loader
  • Server Side
  • Rendering (SSR)


The new SIC Notícias website is available to end users here.

Time and resources

The project is still ongoing and includes a team of 8 experts, namely:

  • 2 Developers specialised in stylisation.
  • 2 Developers for logic and general development.
  • 1 Mobile Developer.
  • 1 Tech Lead, who is the most experienced professional and guides the team.
  • 1 Designer.
  • 1 Product Owner (PO).